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Our history

International Hotel Services (IHS) began in 1998 after a need arose in the market for quality service providers within the hotel industry. Since that time we have grown to a team of over 300 staff members servicing in excess of 30 individual clients throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

International Hotel Services specialises in the Hotel Industry, giving us an unparalleled knowledge of hotel culture. This enables us to develop and maintain a thorough understanding of the high level of demands expected in this unique industry.

From guidelines and procedures, to tight deadlines and quality control, our staff is thoroughly trained in these areas to ensure maximum efficiencies are always met.

From intimate boutique hotels to high rise complexes, from budget venues to five star retreats, we offer management solutions designed to accommodate client specific requirements. This frees up our hotel clients time and resources allowing them to focus on the more valuable profit generating core areas of the hotel business.

IHS's service worth is measured by its ability to maximise efficiencies and control expenses for the client whilst still ensuring the best quality of product is provided for the budget of each client. The management structure of IHS is all based on their training influences on the business. It is essential all staff is thoroughly trained so each contribution by each staff member is in line with the needs of the hotel client and all their business partners. Employees are offered professional career opportunities and are paid under the guidelines of the federal award.

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Cost Effective
IHS manage the cleaning team and cover all employee related expenses. This means that all costs which affect the hotel premiums such as workers compensation, public liability, payroll tax etc are all reduced. And there is no need for payroll processing and human resources. IHS also covers all costs associated with training!


Supported Partnership
One of the advantages of IHS is the strong support you will receive throughout the entire partnership. Support from experienced IHS Executive team as well as our trained cleaning specialists.


Top-Up Specialists
IHS specialises in top-up services. This means that as the hotels requirements change with occupancy so too does the staffing levels of IHS.


Continual Improvement
IHS offers an infrastructure to manage and continuously review and improve its team. When dealing with people IHS acknowledges that issues will occur. To combat this IHS have Operation and Training Managers who are allocated to the IHS service model.


  • Accommodation Association Of Australia
    IHS supporting the Hotel Industry is proudly a silver member of the Accommodation Association Of Australia. IHS has been an instrumental part of developing the AAoA training academy pre-employment program. This pre-employment training is a stepping stone into the comprehensive internal training conducted by IHS. On completion of both, the successful employee would have been through 4 weeks of industry lead training.