Having International Hotel Services (IHS) on board has been a blessing. They are an extremely professional and transparent organisation that continues to keep up to date with the industries demands and trends. IHS pivotal difference is their service. They provide excellent standards from cleanlinesses, reliability, availability, being part of a team, genuine care and exceeding guests expectations. IHS constantly push boundaries to deliver for our guests and our hotels needs. The management team value our relationship and the business. Whenever I have needed them they have been available. We are growing our brand and they will continue with grow with us.

57 hotel - Nicole Xanthos, General Manager

Having worked with IHS management and the IHS team closely for 8 years, I have found them to be flexible, personable and very focused on our brand and Hyatt’s overall Housekeeping goals and vision.
IHS has proved time and time again that they are reliable, proactive, responsible and resourceful and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne - Lenore McRoss, Executive Housekeeper

We partner with International Hotel Services (IHS) as we have found the flexibility, transparency and performance that the IHS team offer us an advantage when it comes to addressing our housekeeping, public areas and also stewarding requirements.
The commitment and care that IHS display in collaborating with the hotel towards achieving our business goals and sublime service standards have made it a pleasure to work them. I have no hesitation in recommending IHS to any prospective new client.

The Old Clarke Hotel - Timo Bures, General Manager