Infection Control and Prevention

Infection Control and Prevention

IHS offer complete solutions for Infection Prevention and Infection Control in the event of an outbreak.

Bayton have an established an ISO certified Infection Control procedure for Terminal / Infection Control Cleaning. The procedure involves utilising an approved antiviral chemical to detail clean all areas of a site with trained professionals in full PPE on the onset of an outbreak. Proceeding the full detailed clean, Bayton recommend Bio-misting.

Bio-misting is a sterilisation technique that creates a dry or wet mist which eliminates a high percentage, if not all, pathogens that may not be reached by conventional cleaning.

During season changes, epidemics or pandemics, Bayton recommend increasing the cleaning of surfaces that are touched frequently by several people throughout the day. This is called Touch Point Cleaning. This preventative procedure combined with the appropriate sanitiser and disinfectant removes bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

In addition to the above, Bayton also have Infection Control Door Greeter. This unique specialised service includes an initial greeting and sanitisation of visitor/staff member/contractor, pre requisite health history and movement questionnaire, visual screening to turn away those with flu-like symptoms such as coughing and running nose, temperature check (non-invasive) (

To learn more about these infection control solutions download our services information here: Infection Control & Prevention Solutions

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