Waste Management to Grounds Maintenance

Waste Management to Grounds Maintenance

IHS can conduct a comprehensive waste assessment. Through using the data collected by our Waste Management Partners, IHS can develop a tailor made waste and recycling management program. We have the approach that since no two businesses are the same, the waste program should be neither.

IHS can also design and implement tailored recycling systems for your hotel. Materials recycled include electronic equipment (e-waste), food, commingled (glass, aluminum cans & mixed plastic), paper, cardboard, and many others.

IHS provide collection systems for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste and recyclables. For solid waste and recyclables, a range of bins are utilized contingent on the waste characteristics and volumes.

IHS also understand that increasingly reports are required by hotels as part of their environmental program. IHS can provide weekly or monthly waste and recycling reports. These reports include data on waste collected, recycled and management costs.

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