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The most important ingredient in
ihs success is our people.

We have a mentoring and succession program in place which develops talent. Advancing the careers of our people is of mutual benefit, and ensures our team are following the career path they desire, whilst at the same time, ensuring a safe environment free from discrimination.


Each and every person employed with us is a valued contributor to the team.

In this regard, we draw no lines of distinction between management and staff.


We respect the thoughts and opinions of everyone we employ. It is for this reason that we encourage employees to constructively express their feelings about our policies, philosophies and operations to enable our continuous improvement cycle to flourish.

Over the years, many great ideas have come from those on the ‘front line’ every day.

We have learned from our employees as they have learned from us, and this two-way communication is vital to our success.

If you have a passion for quality, an eye for detail and the motivation to succeed,

we would love to hear from you. 




IHS actively seeks diversity within the workplace. We believe in the value that diversity brings to our business.


By celebrating diversity, it provides us with fresh perspectives, a more rounded understanding and local community insights. As an equal opportunity employer, this mix of ideas and inspiration drives our company culture. 

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Would you like a job with flexible hours, an abundance of work, a friendly team environment, where you’re not stuck behind a desk!

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