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International Hotel Services (IHS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bayton Group, and is responsible for facilitating housekeeping and related services to the Accommodation Industry.

IHS began in 1998 (25 years) after a need arose in the market for quality service providers within the hotel industry.

Since that time, we have grown to a team of over 500 staff members servicing in excess of 30 individual clients throughout NSW, VIC & QLD.



Bayton is a national provider of cleaning and associated services and is an expert in managing the Aged and Health Care, Commercial, Industrial, and Retail portfolios. Bayton has the staffing capacity and corporate management capabilities 
to deliver a sustainable and consistent cleaning program on a national scale. 

The experience acquired from these sectors includes areas of strict compliance regulations, high standards of quality, continuous sustainability practices, transparent communication, and safety policies. This creates a synergy of performance which is also passed into the hospitality sector, with the purpose of not only meeting, but exceeding expectations on a daily basis. Bayton currently provides cleaning and maintenance services to over 850 sites, engaging over 2500 dedicated cleaning specialists nationally.



IHS will conduct its business in a manner that will provide the maximum benefit to guests, employees and the Australian public. We will strive to satisfy these diverse interests and will provide outcomes of the highest possible mutual benefit.


IHS functions in a manner that preserves the dignity and well-being of its employees and their families through:
The provision of opportunities for individual performance recognition, advancement, creativity and job satisfaction in an environment of open communication, participative management and teamwork.

In all its undertakings, IHS will retain its emphasis on quality and excellence and strive to develop an outstanding corporate reputation for excellence.
IHS endeavours to provide services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We will continue to support programs designed to upgrade the skills of employees and staff in all its operations and will support the minimisation and/or elimination of pollution and any relevant hazards to the environment. 


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